Edited Books

Getting Past AnxietyGetting Past Anxiety
Author:  Melissa A. Woods
Genre:  fiction, contemporary novel, inspirational
Hardcover:  397
Publisher: Aviva Publishing, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781943164967

“A special thank you to my writing coach, Sylvia Taylor, for her encouragement, expertise, and wonderful support of the book.”

Parenting with a TwistParenting… With A Twist: 12 Positive Parenting Tips For Raising Confident & Success-Ready Children
Author:  Amber Scotchburn
Genre:  non-fiction, Parenting
Paperback:  185 pages
Publisher: Amber Scotchburn, 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9952804-3-4

“Thank you to Sylvia—for helping to make this the best parenting ever!”

Miracle at the BorderMiracle at the Border: a true inspirational story about beating the odds
Author:  Barbara L. Graham
Genre:  non-fiction, memoir, inspirational
Hardcover:  236 pages
Publisher:  Barbara L. Graham
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-77084-785-9

“My resourceful and extremely supportive editor, who also assisted with writing and publishing. Sylvia Taylor offered a deeply respectful approach along with expert advice and I am blessed to have worked with her. She is, indeed, “The Book Whisperer” who promised to bring my story to “the best light,” and she helped me do just that.”

Food for ThoughtFood for Thought: The Joy of Living A Delicious & Nutritious Financial Life
Author:  Anita Saulite
Genre:  non-fiction, financial, self-help
Paperback:  171 pages
Publisher: Anita Saulite, 2015
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9940073-0-8

“Sylvia Taylor, my editor, whose impeccable skills in her craft became clear to me early in our work together and how everything we put on our tables, matters.”

Lovingly EloquentLovingly Arrogant: From Chaos to Contentment
Author:  April Lewis
Genre:  non-fiction, compilation of newspaper columns, blogs and midlife musings
Paperback:  319 pages
Publisher: April Lewis Communications, 2016
Language: English
ISBN:  978-0-9952336-0-7

“To my editor and writing coach who guided me through this book and believed me to be “pithy.”

When Rabbits Cry
Author:  Elaine Eaton Berg
Genre:  non-fiction, memoir
Paperback:  347 pages
Publisher: Elaine Eaton Berg, 2016
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-77084-795-8

“Sylvia Taylor, whose tireless help and dedication made my words all fall into place.”

Turning PointsTurning Points: Crowd Writing: The Amazing True Adventures of Totally Normal People
Author:  Shelley Katz, anthology (pre-edited one of the author’s stories)
Genre:  non-fiction, memoir
Paperback:  314 pages
Publisher: Shelley Katz, 2016
Language: English
ISBN:  13:978-1537695600

Dancing with FateDancing With Fate: Tom and Better spurn Rommell and the Blitz/strong>
Author:  Ken Swan
Genre:  non-fiction, biography, historical
Paperback:  271 pages
Publisher: FriesenPress, 2015
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-4602-7173-5

“Sylvia Taylor, wordsmith and author. She made me work efficiently and helped guide me through the minefields of writing my first book.”

Invitation to BeautyInvitation to Beauty: A Simple Guide to a Beautiful Life
Author:  Jacqueline Ramdatt
Genre:  poetry, inspirational
Paperback:  43 pages, with photographs
Publisher:  Begin With Beauty Publications, 2015
Language: English
ISBN:  978-0-9948123-3-9

Agnes & Oswald
Author:  Elaine Eaton Berg
Genre:  fiction, short stories series
Paperback:  179 pages
Publisher:  Elaine Berg, 2015
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-77136-397-6

“Editor, coach, educator, consultant, and author of The Fisher Queen, whose expert skills have made my words look good. She spurred me on to bring my dream of being a published author to fruition.”

Barley MaplewoodBarley of Maplewood
Author:  Jasana Crowie
Genre:  fiction, children’s lit, novel
Paperback:  202 pages
Publisher:  Crowie Press, 2014
Language: English
ISBN:  978-0-9936691-0-1

“Thank you Sylvia Taylor, my editor and writing coach, for helping me bring Barley to life in the best possible light. Your insight and your stature as an industry expert was needed for me to get the idea that ‘simpler is better.’”

In the Heart of CanadaIn the Heart of Canada: The Story of Wawa
Author:  Ray MacDonnell
Genre:  fiction, children’s lit, short story, Canadian history
Paperback:  49 pages, with illustrations
Publisher:  Raymond MacDonnell, 2014
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-77084-430-8


Elemental: An AnthologyElemental: An Anthology
Author:  Gibson’s Landing Writers
Genre:  Fiction, Non-fiction, Short Stories, Poetry
Paperback:  160 pages
Publisher: Forge Publishing, 2013
Language: English
ISBN:  978-0-9687770-1-5


TheFinanciallyEmpoweredWoman“The Financially Empowered Woman: Everything You Really Want to Know About Your Money”
Author: Tracy Themes
Genre: Non-fiction, Women & Finance
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: Sophia Financial Group (2013)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0991877300

“There would be no book without Sylvia Taylor, my ever-optimistic editor and advisor, who never lost her patience or sense of humour. Thank you.”

The Madonna Code: Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Unveiled
Author: Karen McGregor
Genre: Spirituality
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: Influence Publishing (2010)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1907498435

To my editor, Sylvia Taylor, for her keen insight and understanding of the
depths of the human heart translated into words.

The Priest Who Left His Religion
Author: John Shields
Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Influence Publishing (2011)
ISBN: 978-0978299910

I owe a great deal to Sylvia Taylor, my editor, who persuaded me to rethink my original concept for this book and turn it into a memoir. “Tell your story,” she advised. The conversations between Sylvia, my publisher and I at a crucial juncture, put me on a path to a richer narrative. To them I cannot be more grateful.

Rock Your Overwhelm
Author: Whitney McMillan
Paperback: 226 pages
Publisher: Influence Publishing; 1st edition (2011)
ISBN: 978-0978299941

Thanks to my editor, Sylvia Taylor, for her many hours of wordsmithing

Blood, Feathers & Holy Men
Author: Ben Nuttall-Smith
Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Libros Libertad Pub. (2010)
ISBN: 978-1926763101

Thanks also to Sylvia Taylor for your many insights as your performed the huge task of story editing. Many thanks for your expertise, steady encouragement and kind words.

Secrets Kept, Secrets Told
Author: Ben Nuttall-Smith
Paperback: 253 pages
Publisher: Libros Libertad Pub. (2012)
ISBN: 978-1926763187

To my story editor, Sylvia Taylor, for recognizing the missing pieces and helping bring them to light. Thank you for your understanding and expert help in the final stages of such an enormous task. Your help has been

Return To Your Natural Colours
Author: Christine Scamen
Paperback: 290 pages
Publisher: Christine Scaman (2011)
ISBN: 9780986889707

My deepest gratitude is offered to my editor, Sylvia Taylor. You have my thanks always, for your truthfulness, your professionalism, your ability to adapt to a topic and hear the writer’s voice and heart within it. When I gave you a stream of ideas in 90,000 words spoken in four different voices, your encouragement helped me find the discipline to bring those ideas into a cohesive experience for the reader. You envisioned the essence of this book as the celebration of colour that it was intended to be. To work with an editor who can extract the highest potential from an author and subject is a special education for a writer.

See How They DieSee How They Die
Author:  Helen McCourt Mentek
Genre:  fiction, short stories, murder and mystery
Paperback:  133 pages
Publisher:  Trafford Publishing, 2009
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-4251-8262-5

Ancient WisdomAncient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections 
Author:  Gayle Redfern
Genre:  non-fiction, metayphysical, personal growth
Paperback:  241 pages
Publisher: Authorhouse, 2009
Language: English
ISBN:  978-1-4490-5760-2 (sc)


Stripped Down Running
Author: Andrea Nair
Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: Road One Publishing (2007)
ISBN: 978-0978207700

“Thank you to… Sylvia Taylor, editor, mentor, for her energy, guidance, skill and excitement for this story”.

Sculpting the Business Body: Strategies and Stories from Top Entrepreneurs
Author: Karen McGregor
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business Success
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Behm Publishing (2007)
ISBN: 978-0978188900

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience! Thanks especially for your help and insight for making this a much better book!” (PS – edited and appeared in the book as one of the “Top Entrepreneurs”).

Maria’s Tango
Author: Anna Barcos
Genre: Contemporary Novel
Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Trafford Publishing (2007)
ISBN: 978-1425108288


I Think I’m Having One of Those Decades
Author: Gordon Kirkland
Genre: Humorous, Non-Fiction, Short Story Collection
Paperback: 172 pages
Publisher: Authorhouse (2006)
ISBN: 978-1425914059

“Sylvia Taylor has had the thankless job of trying to edit my writing for this book, something she should probably be sainted for agreeing to do. Anyone willing to take on my dangling participles will probably end up discussing it with a therapist at some future date.”

Love, Mom: A Mother’s Journey from Loss to Hope
Author: Cynthia Bateman
Genre: Personal Memoir
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Authorhouse (2006)
ISBN: 978-1425950514

“I also want to thank … Sylvia Taylor for her editorial assistance.”

P.S. Don’t Tell Your Mother
Author: Margo Bates
Genre: Humorous, Personal Memoir
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: Authorhouse (2005)
ISBN: 978-1420890754

“Author, Sylvia Taylor, Regional Director for the Federation of BC Writers, edited, asked questions and commented in just the right spots. I appreciate your support, and the good work on the manuscript’s final edit.”