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A Healthy Safe Community (for Simon Fraser University’s annual publication)

“Experts agree that a sense of “family”, connectedness, and like-mindedness, greatly contributes to health and well-being. Along with a focus on fitness, sustainability and a beautiful, safe environment, UniverCity is a community where beings can blossom.”

Ocean Bay Villas: A Holiday at Home (real estate advertorial)

“…We walked in and she was smitten.

And who wouldn’t be? The display suite was gorgeous. Even north-facing, light poured in through the over-sized windows filling the spacious high-ceilinged rooms. From the hardwood entrance floor to the travertine bathroom countertop, this home whispered class and quality.”

Vision Statement for PBEM (construction company)

“Pacific Building Envelope Maintenance Ltd. (PBEM) offers a unique, full-spectrum service dedicated to protecting residential and commercial structures from the challenges of the Pacific Northwest climate.

Working in partnership with property managers, strata councils, and home owners, PBEM brings a dedicated team of exceptional expertise and exacting standards to their proactive approach to moisture management.

Setting the bar for conduct and quality, PBEM creates and maintains comprehensive envelope management plans that protect existing warranties and assists stakeholders in achieving confident financial planning.”

Bio of Dr. Laura Louie (for world conference on AIDS in Ghana)

“Compassion. Curiousity. Wellness. These are the life-principles Laura Louie shares with the world.

Planted early in childhood, these principles took root and flourished, as she did, within her spirited Chinese-Russian family in Vancouver, Canada. From her parents, she embraced a devotion to holistic health and community, and a reverence for nature. Extensive family travels and studies of other cultures opened her eyes and heart, instilling a love of adventure, honouring of differences and compassion for those less fortunate.”


Desert Divas: A Tribute to Women Writers of Arizona (WordWorks magazine, Spring 2004)

“Today is International Women’s Day. It is also March in Arizona, where the first fiery breaths of summer paint cactus flowers on the waking desert. Throughout this pivotal winter I have been steeped in the life of the Southwest and the women who write here.

Arizona is graced with such literary luminaries as Diana Gabaldon, Judith A. Jance and Barbara Kingsolver. But there are lesser-known women whose writing lives deserve notice. They share a sense of community and sisterhood, and have evolved their own ways of “riding herd” on each other…”

Pharmacare Crisis (Cloverdale Reporter Newspaper)

“People say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Since the B.C. government introduced changes to our Pharmacare system in January rumor and conjecture have run riot. The good news is the Pharmacare sky is not falling and local people are making efforts to provide seniors with the information they need.”

City Centre Development (The New View Newspaper, Surrey)

“As all eyes turn to the lower mainland over the next four years and beyond, they will be watching an unprecedented transformation in City Centre/Whalley, says Mayor Diane Watts.”

Desert Divas of Arizona (SISTERCYCLE Magazine)

“Getting bored with dirt-riding in the watery Northwest? Try the sizzling South.

Southwest desert-riding is like Northwest weather – don’t like it? Give it five minutes. Sand, gravel, razor-sharp rocks, boulders, washes, outcroppings and rock-hard mud that turns to slime in the sudden rain. Tire-width trails that twist and buck. Cactus spines, thorny bushes, scrub pines and even the occasional snake or scorpion. Forty mile rides and major dehydration.”

Sylvia The Fisher Queen