Sylvia Taylor has been the editor of both of my books and has exceeded my expectations of what an editor’s role and function is. During the course of my first book, a business book for entrepreneurs (Sculpting the Business Body: Strategies and Stories from Top Entrepreneurs), Sylvia was highly effective in seeing the work as a whole and noting which parts belonged elsewhere and what to add and omit.

She is a gifted wordsmith; she gently polished my writing while at the same time allowing my voice and essence to shine through. Perhaps the most stunning aspect of Sylvia’s work is her intuitive ability to see what is going on for a writer that may be blocking the piece or preventing it from being its best. This is what I experienced during the first few months of writing my second book, The Madonna Code: Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Unveiled. Sylvia asked questions and gave gentle suggestions that allowed me to understand where my blocks were and how they were showing up in my writing. Once she addressed this with me, my writing became more heart-based, moving, and accessible to a wide audience. As a result, The Madonna Code went on to become published and reach and .ca bestseller status on its launch date.

Thank you Sylvia for your passionate commitment to authors!

Karen McGregor
Founder of
Author of The Madonna Code