The Fisher Queen: A Deckhand’s Tale of the BC Coast is in production!

My literary memoir slated for launch by Heritage House Publishing Inc., August, 2012

For those of you who have been following the journey of my long-awaited literary memoir on the BC commercial salmon trolling industry, The Fisher Queen is in site of the harbour, thanks to the brilliant editorial and production team of my publisher, Heritage House Publishing Inc. The manuscript is in pdf, the stunning book cover is ready, and the back-cover blurbs are being crafted by a host of fine literary, media, and marine exerts.

And for those not familiar with my stories over the last five years of public readings in literary events, radio shows, and national competitions, here is a little something to hook your interest!

When it is only 4:30 in the morning, and the wind keens and clangs through your rigging, it is a bad sign. When you are still tied to a wharf in a sheltered harbour and your boat shifts and strains around you, it is a very bad sign.

The next hours in this story lure the reader into some of the most treacherous fishing grounds on earth – the cauldron of the northern B.C. coast. It is barely a place for Man, it is rarely a place for a woman; yet I am one of them, come to tell her stories.

The Fisher Queen: A Deckhand’s Tales of the BC Coast, is a literary memoir based on my experiences as a salmon-trolling deckhand in the early 1980’s.
As the commercial salmon industry and its cast of eccentric characters began to ebb, the tides of change drew in commercial sport fishing, tourism and high-end real estate. This memoir and its stories bear witness to a way of life almost lost to our culture.

There are books in the non-fiction marketplace that represent the industry’s historical and factual considerations. Other books tell of it in personal memoir. The Fisher Queen captures that way of life in snapshots bursting with all the humour and hell, peace and upheaval, the ocean, and fishing, is.


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